The truth or dare Game

Truth or dare is a fun party game played by two or more players. It is especially popular with kids and teenagers at sleepovers and camp where they know they won’t be disturbed by parents, siblings or pets. It’s also popular with adults and even used as a forfeit while gambling.

Not only is it a fun game, it is a game which helps you get to know each other better and is a great way to connect with one another. As things may get a bit weird or uncomfortable at times, make sure everyone agrees to the rules before starting.

Make a set of rules

It’s better to agree to a set of rules before starting to use as reference throughout the game. One popular rule of the game is to let players choose a truth or dare only twice in a row. This means that if they choose to have two consequent truths, the next turn has to be a dare.

Other rules which may be included are off-limit questions, if dares can involve people not in the game, the limits enforced in dares, where the dares can be conducted and if the game will be played going around a circle or if the player to do the dare is chosen randomly by spinning a bottle.

With rules ready and formatted before starting the game, you don’t waste time discussing rules in the middle of the game. Besides rules, it’s also better if you explain the kinds of things everyone is expected to do as a truth or dare. It’s also better if you tell people its okay to decline to play.

The game

While the game needs at least three players, more than seven or eight players can make the game rather long. All players have to sit in a circle either around a table or on the floor, whichever is comfortable.

The game involves players choosing between giving a truthful answer to a question and performing some ‘dare’. Both these questions and dares are set by other players. In fact, most of the time, someone prepares a list of questions in advance to use in the game. With questions ready, the game can be played smoothly with lots of fun.

The first player starts the game by asking the second player if he/she wants a ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. If it’s a truth, the first player usually asks the second player an embarrassing question which the player has to answer truthfully.

If the second player chooses a dare, then the first player dares them to do something dangerous or embarrassing. On completing the ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ the third person asks ‘Truth or Dare’ to another player and so forth.

Don’t go too far

Just make sure the dare doesn’t go too far, and does not include anything illegal or life-threatening. Moreover, be careful about what you ask the person as whatever you say or do as a truth or dare may affect another person’s feelings.

It’s better if you trust someone who doesn’t want to do or share something as some things have to remain a secret. And remember, players are permitted to not do a dare if it makes them uncomfortable.