How to stop your period?

How to stop your period

Most females usually wonder whether there are methods on how to stop their periods indefinitely but safely. In certain times, being on your menstrual period can cause a lot of inconvenience and can interfere with certain plans such as travel, sporting activities, and most of the time sex. Certain women just dislike the symptoms that are associated with their periods like cramping, headaches and back pain which interfere with normal activities. Others go through heavy bleeding and would wish to control it and others prefer not to have it at all. Regardless of the reason, listed below are methods on how to stop your period safely.

How to stop your period by Birth Control Pills

-The ideal method to control your period is to use contraceptives.

-Prior to doing this, it is ideal to seek advice from a practitioner who direct you on the type that best suits you.

-The doctor will be in a better position to explain the outcomes, dosage and any possible side effects.


-Your doctor may advice you to opt for surgery to control your periods.

-This would take place if you have an underlying medical condition that leads to heavy menstrual bleeding like myoma, fibroid of the uterine or endometriosis.

-Your doctor may recommend hysterectomy, or completely removing your uterus.

-This indefinitely stops your menstrual periods from taking place, but can only be done if other surgeries were not successful.


-Tranexamic acid is drug that causes blood to clot in the uterus thereby minimizing heavy bleeding by around 30-60%.

-You can swallow two to three tablets, three to four times every day when your period starts. This can take place continuously for about 3 or four days.

-These are not hormonal birth control pills, so they cannot stop pregnancy.

Flexible Cup

This flexible cup is known as soft cup which can be put in the vagina, then placed below the cervix to hold menstrual flow.

-It will not stop your bleeding but will prevent blood from flowing via the vagina, similar to a tampon. It is usually worn for 12 hours and is reusable until the period is over.

How to stop your period by Natural Methods

-Taking a lot water can make your periods lighter.

– You can try certain diets, such as this one, taken from

-Taking healthy foods, eating a lot of fruits and veggies can help to minimize the menstrual symptoms.

-Eating green beans helps, as green beans are known to slow the menstrual cycle.

-Taking 2 teaspoons apple cider mixed with water will help your menstrual flow to slow down and the symptoms will be mild.

-Some women find mixing gelatin with water effective and taking the mixture can prevent your periods for three hours.

-Sucking on lemon has proved to stop periods temporarily.

-Taking a shower can also help to temporarily slow down your menstrual flow.

-In some instances you can control your periods by putting on spongy pads that cannot be noticed easily.

There are other methods on how to stop your period, though they might not give you results. However, some home remedies offer temporarily results and might not be reliable, so it is good to seek advice from your doctor to find out, the most effective way to control your period.
This is how to stop your period.



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