How to grow taller?

You might not be knowing this but your height is actually governed by several factors. Although the genetic factor is considered to be the dominant one, but all of us have probably seen many cases where this doesn’t hold true. Apart from your genetics, there are several other factors that decide your height. Some of them are out of your control like the geographical factor, for example, people of Netherlands are usually tall whereas people from Cambodia are shorter; while there are some factors you can control such as your diet and your daily routine. It is a well established fact that once your epiphyseal plate or your growth plate closes, your height remains the same. However, before that happens, you can practice the following techniques to grow taller.    How to grow taller

Eat healthy

A balanced diet will not only keep you fit but will also help grow taller and feel better!

· Consume a lot of protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, they are very essential for your body to grow. Proteins also promote muscle growth.

· Carbohydrates supply energy to your body. Make sure your take in lots of carbohydrates as you’ll need this energy for your growth.

· Eat calcium in abundance. Calcium, found in dairy products and green leafy vegetables, promotes healthier bones.

· Take in enough zinc. Lack of zinc in the body might result in stunted growth. Take zinc supplements, if necessary.

· Vitamin D promotes bone and muscle growth. So make sure you get enough of Vitamin D daily. Sources of Vitamin D include fish, alfalfa and mushrooms.

Apart from keeping you healthy, good food will also keep your immune system strong.

Exercise daily

Be active. Exercise at least for 30 minutes daily. Proper exercises keep you fit, active and give you a good posture.

· Stretching and jumping exercises are found to be very beneficial for body growth.

· Sports are also a great way to exercise. If you enjoy playing a sport, make it a habit of playing it daily. This way you’ll enjoy burning your calories.

· If you’re not into sports and don’t enjoy exercising, walking is a good alternative. If you don’t have anything to do, just walk around. This will also burn your calories and keep you active.

Get proper sleep

Studies suggest that sleeping is the time when your body grows. So if you a teenager or a preteen, a sound sleep of 9 to 11 hours is a must for your body to rest properly and grow quickly.

Avoid stunting your growth

There are in fact many things that you can do to stunt your own growth. The most obvious ones are smoking and consuming drugs or alcohol. Studies have shown that children who smoke or are exposed to second hand smoking are usually shorter.

Besides this, consuming steroids also stunts your growth. Caffeine although doesn’t adversely affects your growth but it does affect your sleep. So caffeine consumption should also be cut down.

Visit a professional

Consulting a professional never hurts. If you are doing it all right and still not getting any results, then maybe it’s time you talk to an expert.



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