How to cure hemorrhoids








Hemorrhoids usually occur because of poor diet, continuous bouts of constipation or pregnancy. They are varicose veins that develop in the anus or rectum. They may bleed, swell or itch and can be very frustrations. If you are suffering from the hemorrhoids, continue reading this article because it provides some of the most effective ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Wipes

You can also get rid of hemorrhoid using wipes that help reduce discomfort. There are medicated wipes that can be used to clean up the anus and relief the pain. If you have bleeding or aching hemorrhoids, you can use witch hazel wipes that have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the painful varicose veins. They also help reduce the swelling and enhance easy bowel movements. Hemorrhoid wipes are also effective in reducing burning effects of the hemorrhoids.

Creams and ointments 

Creams and ointments are effective in reducing some of the hemorrhoid symptoms such as itching and dryness. The creams are water based, thus they are absorbed easily by the skin. On the other hand, the ointments are oil based and remain on the surface of the skin for a long time. They are effective because they act as protective coating over the tissues that are irritated as a result of the hemorrhoid.

Vitamin supplements 

Taking supplements and vitamins assist in digestion, boost the immune system in the body and help eliminate the hemorrhoids. Studies have revealed that Vitamin E has the required anti oxidant properties that help boost circulation of blood and enhance the growth of the connective tissues. For pregnant women, vitamin K helps get relief of the bleeding hemorrhoids. Vitamin C also helps fight the symptoms of this problem.


This is a traditional Chinese method used in hemorrhoids treatment. This method works on the central nervous to boost the overall immune and health system. The treatment works by making identification of body points connected to the nerve parts leading to the anal area. This leads to healing of the inflamed anal area and boost the growth of new tissues.

Reduce fat intake

Hemorrhoids can be eliminated by limiting fats in your diet especially animal fat, processed, refined and processed food. These foods are harmful to overall body health and make bowel movement more complicated.

Avoid sitting on the toilet for long

It is advisable to stop lingering on the toilet and straining during bowel movement for a long time. Stop engaging in any relaxative activity while you are on the toilet.

Perform regular exercises

Regular exercises are effective in getting rid of hemorrhoids. They help the digestive system stay healthy and active. You can take 15 to 25 minutes of walk daily or visit a gym 2 to 3 times in a week in order to help reduce stress.

Use the right products

Regardless of whether you have severe or mild hemorrhoids, there are some products that can help treat them. The modern market is filled with products used to treat the hemorrhoids. However, before you buy any product, ensure that you get the right prescriptions from your doctor.





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