Headaches during the menstrual period

Many women suffer from headaches as part of the menstrual cycle symptoms, and this is a very common phenomenon familiar to most women in the world.

Processing the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes occur in the body that cause a variety of symptoms, beginning before menstruation and stops often during menstruation or after the bleeding stop. If the menstrual period had been stopped not naturally (read here how to stop your period) than the headaches maybe even worse.

Receive headaches during menstruation can be alive with headaches and migraine, and treatment is usually performed by painkillers. Usually, headaches circulation are not considered a medical phenomenon abnormal and do not require medical investigation, however, if the headaches are particularly difficult, and do not allow to function reasonably well, it is important to get to the doctor for testing.

One of the most significant triggers migraine is hormonal changes, so many women suffer from onset of migraine during the menstrual cycle. The headaches are usually two days before the onset of bleeding or three days after that, mainly because at that time the level of estrogen in the body decreases. Women with migraine report on the menstrual cycle-related migraines are more severe than migraines appear at other times, and the pain will last longer than usual.

Apart from migraine, there are women who suffer from headaches alive with the menstrual cycle, and in close proximity to him. This is a pain that appear most often in two-sided and do not beat, and they are considered easier than migraine. Hmthiim headaches usually respond well to painkillers, and do not detract significantly in everyday life, and therefore are considered easier.

Many women worry whether their headaches associated with menstrual cycle at all, and for that it is recommended to follow a temporary appearance of headaches. If during a period of several months the headaches are just adjacent to the menstrual cycle, probably for pain associated with recycling. On the other hand, if the headaches occur during the period in scattered, and some are near the menstrual cycle, and it is possible that not so much pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

Avoiding other triggers for migraine and headache – in order to avoid the onset of migraine and headaches is essential to avoid triggers the pain involved. Women who suffer from headaches associated with recycling should avoid various food products which stimulate migraine like chocolate, monosodium glutamate or any other food product. In addition, it is desirable to avoid changes in sleeping habits (such as excess sleep or sleep deprivation) and keep the caffeine. It is also advisable to keep small meals at regular times, and avoid possible emotional stress which may trigger headaches and migraines.
Medication Like other headaches, it is highly recommended to treat migraines or headaches associated with recycling by painkillers. It is advisable to start painkillers available without a prescription, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen etc.), Optalgin, paracetamol, Nrosin and others, and if the impact is not enough to see a doctor in order to get stronger drugs like Rizlt (family triptans) and others.
Taking hormones or birth control pills – some women reported improved migraine and headaches with taking birth control pills, while other women are reported specifically on the worsening of migraine with oral contraceptive use. Apparently, the regulation of the menstrual cycle by use of birth control pills can help many women deal with the headaches, so we suggest you try using pills to deal with migraine and headaches associated with recycling. Apart from this, there are doctors who recommend taking hormones close to the menstrual cycle in order to reduce the hormonal changes (in particular, the decline in estrogen levels), thus facilitating the headache. Hormone therapy is a treatment which is controversial among many doctors, so there may investigate further and consult a doctor about hormone therapy matching the general medical condition.


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