getting rid of constipation fast

By definition constipation is the reduction of the intestinal muscles’ movement leading to the slowing of the stool or excretion. Constipation is mostly caused by lack of ample water or fluids to soften the tool to ease removal from the body. However, there are a myriads of other causes such as low fiber content in your diet, depression and side effects of some medication. There are many ways of how to get rid of constipation fast whether it is occasional or chronic constipation; both naturally and by the use of medicines. In this article we will address the fastest methods to cure constipation; this is curing rather than preventing.

The first method of how to cure constipation fast once you are afflicted is to drink two to four glasses of warm water when you feel constipated. Generally, it is recommended that you take at least ten glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. Water is very essential in the body for it improves the body metabolisms that includes digestion and excretion. Other fluids such as soda, tea and juice may not perform well in the treatment of constipation since they contain sugars that might exacerbate the constipation. constipation

Another quick fix for constipation is taking coffee. Coffee contains a natural chemical called caffeine that stimulates the muscles in the digestive tract, making them to contract leading to easy bowel movements. However, the coffee consumption to treat constipation should be restricted to small amounts since it is diuretic; diuretic fluids attract fluids from other substances through osmosis. Some diuretic fluids are cola and alcohol. Excessive coffee consumption leads to a further hardening of the stool.

The eating of prunes, or drinking at least two glasses of prune juices can come in handy in the process of how to get rid of constipation fast. Prunes are regarded with high esteem since they contain high levels of fiber in addition to containing the compound sorbitol; this is a stool loosening sugar that assists in relieving constipation. In other words, sorbitol being a mild colonic stimulant leads to reduced stool transit time, thus eliminating the occurrence of constipation. The effect of the prune juice is felt in a few hours, thus it is advisable to take each glass of the prune juice at at a time. Among the two; eating prunes and drinking the prune juice the former is more effective despite its unpalatable taste since they contains higher sorbitol content.

Exercising is another remedy included in how to get rid of constipation fast; creation or generation of rigorous body movements enables the intestinal muscles to contract thus forcing out the stool. The exercises may include walking round for about thirty minutes or other body exercises that stimulates intestinal muscle movements. Application of heat and massaging the pelvic area and the part above your private parts can also reduce constipation fast.

It should be noted that it is not advisable to force out the stool at any time since you may damage the excretory system. Also never combine laxatives with other methods especially if you are driving or traveling.


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