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How to get rid of constipation?

It is easy to learn how to get rid of constipation fast. Use any combination of the following steps to treat constipation. The great thing about these remedies is they are easy to deal with.

 1. Drink Water   how to get rid of constipation

One of the tricks is by drinking water. Whenever you feel constipated, drink 2 to 4 glasses of warm water. If the constipation has been bothering you for a couple of days, you should drink 10 to 20 ounces of (pure) water, first thing in the morning.

2. Eat High Fiber Foods

Another quick remedy is to eat high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits. This way, you will increase the amount of fiber in your body. Constipation usually results from the consumption of refined sugar, diary and fats. If the constipation does not recede, consider taking fiber supplements. Fiber will absorb water, soften the stool and heal the constipation.

3. Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the best kept secrets on how to get rid of constipation fast. The caffeine will stimulate the muscles in the digestive system, causing them to contract and resulting in increased bowel movement.

3. Eat Prunes

You can also eat prunes and/ or drink prune juice. They are both high in sorbitol and fiber. Sorbitol is a stool- loosening sugar that will naturally relieve constipation. It will also reduce the amount of time it takes to transit stool, thereby decreasing any risk of constipation.

4. Exercise

As far as possible, you should avoid sitting still for over 10 minutes. Keep your body active. Actual physical exercise is preferred. However, even something as mild as taking a low key walk for half an hour will promote bowel movements in your body.

Extra Tips on How to Get Rid Of Constipation Fast

You can also learn how to get rid of constipation using the following handy tips:

a) Heat the front of your pelvic area, especially above the private area. Then, massage downwards with the motions directed towards your lower stomach.

b) Mood also affects constipation. More specifically, anxiety or depression can cause constipation. Whenever you are feeling constipated, try to lighten your depression or relieve the stress by the most effective means. Relaxation techniques, biofeedback, yoga and/ or meditation are all effective anxiety reducers. Massaging the abdomen, regular shiatsu massage and acupressure are also helpful, especially when the constipation was induced by anxiety or depression.

c) You should also avoid artificial sweeteners and sodium, especially if the constipation leads to bloating.

d) Where possible, eat whole grain products. These include starchy products, cereals and grain breads. All these products are packed with lots of fiber, which helps to soften the stool. After that, you should not have a constipation problem.

Finally, if you have learned how to get rid of constipation fast to no avail, you should consider seeing a doctor. They will provide you with more effective ways to deal with constipation. However, the above methods, tips and tricks are quite effective when it comes to treating constipation. You should only see a doctor as a course of last resort.

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